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From the scrapbookers themselves!

Debbie Mather
July 26 at 9:57am.
I attended the embossing class after not scrapping or doing much of anything "creative" in a long time!! Jeanette renewed my love for being creative and "having fun" using things I'd forgotten I owned! So to all you ladies like me that have been just plain lazy - get off your buts and come to the Scrapbook den !! Bring out your inner child and HAVE FUN!! You can meet new friends, learn a new skill and be inspired by one of the sweetest,most passionate teachers in the world!! Strongly recommended!!!!! Being creative is extremely therapeutic and very stress releaving as well!


Scrapbooking at Scrapbook Den!!

by Angel

On Tuesday night, I was invited to attend a scrapbooking workshop at Scrapbook Den- the longest running, independently owned scrapbook store in South Africa! Its owned by Jeanette and you can add the Facebook page to your favourites.

I haven’t scrapbooked in years, my mom and I actually used to do it together and we tried to get together once a month and do a few pages. I’ve been trying to do an album for my son but I never know where to start on a page and then I never know what to do with the embellishments…! Jeanette knows her stuff, lemme tell you bunnies! When it comes to putting different colour papers together so that they compliment each other, and choosing embellishments and decorations to properly accent your page, she’s on top of her game! What I really liked about the class was that Jeanette had a completed layout that we were going to use as a basis for our class.


I have been scrapping at Scrapbook Den for about 5 years.
My favourite classes are the Wednesday Evening Classes with Jeanette.

I love the layout Ideas and the files of previous ideas to go through, and get inspiration from. I always bring some photos, and match my paper to those pictures colours. Then pick a layout that works for that theme or memory.

Whenever someone hammers, like when inserting an eyelet, or using a punch tool, Max would Bark, which keeps everyone awake.

Danielle Matthews. July 2013